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Barbara Fortuna

Barbara Fortuna

Barbara Fortuna: a business coach, trainer and - swimmer

I provide bespoke training and coaching services to increase sales, leadership and team communication skills and have a proven track record of delivering workshops for a wide range of well-established national and international companies.

As a business skills trainer and coach with a BA in English and Slovene languages, I have more than 20 years of experience in the business training and coaching industry, and management experience in the field of private education and education of adults.

I have completed a certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) training for coaches and NLP Practitioner Training. As a coach and trainer, I create a safe environment for my clients and help them to find their inner resources and strength to move forward and achieve their goals. I also conduct workshops and coaching sessions in English, Serbian and Croatian.

I comply with the standards of the prestigious Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) from Great Britain, where I regularly take upskill training courses. This enables me to offer top-notch and fully customisable consulting and training services, ensure efficient integration of training, leadership, coaching and consulting roles in a company, and contribute to improved business performance of my clients.

I believe that life is a constant learning process. My clients say that with my guidance their personal and professional growth is faster, their communicational skills are constantly upgraded, and the psychology of human activity easier to comprehend.

I am a proud member of BNI Slovenija. The members of the BNI Tivoli chapter work together to generate new business opportunities for each other and share our experience and knowledge.  

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I have a life-long love affair with swimming. An active swimmer until the age of 18, I now regularly compete at the European and world veteran swimming championships, where I normally qualify among the top ten or twenty competitors. Relay team races are a great way to strengthen my team spirit and a perfect demonstration that every link in the chain is important and contributes to great overall performance.

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