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And so I have it. The NLP certificate. Last weekend I became a certified NLP Practitioner. I am proud because I have chosen to work on myself, invest in myself and spend time on self-growth, which enriches my life and the world around me.

For six months, my friends and family have been asking me: “Barbara, what course are you taking now? What does NLP mean?”

And then I asked my NLP trainer, Gaber Marolt: “Gaber, how can I explain NLP to the people around me, in simple terms?”

„You can’t,“ he answered.

So I checked my notes to find an explanation of what NLP is.

NLP is a communication technique.

NLP teaches us how to make our unconscious mind processes conscious.

With the help of NLP, we can reprogram our disempowering behaviour and thinking patterns through conscious learning processes and adopt the patterns that well serve us better.

NLP increases the choices available to us.

I am more interested in experiences and practice than mere definitions and certificates. Therefore, I am always drawn to the things that affect me on a more profound, deeper, level. And in NLP I was immediately drawn to its presuppositions.

Let’s take the NLP 101 presupposition: EVERY BEHAVIOUR HAS A POSITIVE INTENTION. This means that at a given moment a person reacts the way he or she knows best. Everything that we do or decide at a given moment is the best we are capable of doing at that particular moment.

And if we understand that (although we may not necessarily agree with it), we have, above all, freed ourselves of a heavy burden. The burden that we constantly carry when we judge the people around us. Now we no longer need to judge, we can just understand, without necessarily agreeing. The feeling is wildly liberating, and definitely worth trying …

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